Digital Trial Presentations

Over a 12 year period, Priority has developed a turnkey system for Trial Technology. You now have the capability of scanning documents and photographs and digitizing videotapes to be loaded into trial presentation software. This technology will allow you to access documents with a few keystrokes and present them during mediation or trial. Linking the digital video to the ASCII text of a deposition makes split second access to any portion of deposition testimony a reality. The flexibility of editing your depositions in the courtroom to allow for sustained objections and optional complete rulings are just two of the benefits of preparing your case digitally.

“Case Build” - Your Vertically Integrated Litigation Tool

A 30% discount will be applied to Time Stamping and Digitizing when you place your oral and video depositions through Priority. Deposition exhibits will be imaged and added to your case database. The case can then be loaded onto a laptop and you are presentation ready.